Family and Friends,

2010 Susan G. Komen
2010 Susan G. Komen Dallas
I am writing this letter on behalf of my beautiful wife Gina. As some of you know, on August of last year (2010) she was diagnosed with a very serious breast cancer. Also, at the time we were 20 weeks pregnant with our fifth child. Naturally, we were both scared and overwhelmed. Gina immediately started undergoing Chemotherapy in Dallas and has gotten progressively better. Also, we are happy to report, on December 26, our daughter was born, healthy and beautiful in every way. I do not think we could have done it without the support of everyone involved.

Maricella is now already over one month old and Gina has started her second Chemotherapy treatment. Following this, she will have surgery and reconstruction.

Throughout this whole experience I remain proud of my wife for all that she is to me and our children. She has always had a fighting spirit that inspires me to this day.        
                                                             We will continue to fight this disease side by side.

Final Chemotherapy treatment while pregnant
At this time, Gina has the opportunity to attend a week-long healing experience at the Simonton Cancer Center in Santa Barbara, Cailifornia. This experience would be in addition to the treatments she is already receiving. The Simonton Cancer Center provides a unique experience because it deals with healing the whole person physically, spiritually and emotionally. We believe that by attending this center, we are giving Gina the opportunity for a FULL recovery and improving her quality of life. 

The unfortunate reality is, our resources are tight. We are asking for donations to make this trip a reality. Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated. With your help, we can give Gina this healing gift. Ideally, a window has opened up for us to travel in late March. This would occur after her last Chemotherapy treatment and before her surgery. However, if funding for the scholarship has not been achieved by late March, there is another opportunity in early May. We need to reach a goal of $3500 to be awarded this scholarship. 

Already, we have received a huge outpouring of love, prayers, and support. For this, we are eternally grateful. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this time.  
May God Bless you, too.
Jay deLeon

Birth of Maricella Christiana on Dec 26th 2010
"I wanted to speak on my behalf. I am and have always had a fighting spirit. I came to this world as a warrior. I have been knocked down with cancer, but I know that I will be victorious. I am asking for your help though. I truly believe that to be successful I need to experience the Simonton Center. My belief is that part of healing is everything that I can do medically, but the other part is to heal my spiritual and emotional self. This is what I believe the Simonton Center will offer me. I am humbly asking for you to help me         make this dream come true".                                                                                                          With great fondness, 
Donations can be made in one of two ways.

-Directly to the Simonton Cancer Center by phone or website.

     Their phone numbers are:  
(800) 459-3424
                                               (818) 879-7904
     web address:       
                               -donate button is on bottom left of page

                                -donations are tax deductable
                                -when donating, please earmark for Regina deLeon         


Maricella 4 weeks old
if you would like to contact Gina or myself directly, please feel free to email us at:

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